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Throughout industry in general there currently appear to be difficulties with finding suitably experienced staff to support industry in many areas.

There  is  a  shortfall  of  people  dedicated  to  providing  prompt,  efficient  and  knowledgeable assistance when and as required,

The management of RD Technical Services deal with and manage these and similar industry problems on an almost daily basis in support of clients to provide cost effective and practical solutions.

I travel extensively at the request of clients to provide assistance and guidance in areas such as the following:
Risk Assessment, and
Risk Reduction,

RD Technical Services is often called upon to investigate and resolve root cause disputes:-

Typically did the equipment fail because of faulty manufacture ??
or was it being operated outside its scope or designed loading ??

A key  area of expertise that RD Technical Services offer is in the assessment of risk and risk  reduction.
One recent example of a simple, practical solution for a manufacturing client was the following:-
The simple act of hanging a plastic chain across the main entrance of a factory, in conjunction with a sign that clearly stated NO ENTRY - ALL ENQUIRIES TO OFFICE and an arrow pointing in the requisite direction; This sign assisted in the reduction of insurance premiums of 28%

Key Personnel
Russell A Dunn,
Diagnostic Engineer Mech Eng, PE, F.I.Diag.Eng
Resident of Austria   .

English, German, Melanesian.

Current travel documentation:
Australian Passport,
Aufenhaltstitel for work in the EU
HuKou to visit and advise in the P.R. China
60 day visa to visit  and advise in the Turkish Republic
Access to a 60 day visa to visit and advise in the Republic of South Africa
Access to a 60 day visa to visit and advise in the United States of America

Forty years in maintenance and repair of heavy equipment and processing machinery on five continents. This includes the preparation of repair schemes and maintenance systems to protect and extend the life of machinery of various forms. Industries supported include Iron Ore, Coal, Gold, Commercial Aircraft maintenance and Steel fabrication.

Have written, from a blank page, complete maintenance, inspection and servicing procedures for the following industries
Gold Processing plants in Africa, Australia and New Zealand.
Iron Ore processing and handling plants in several countries.

Quality and Inspections Services
Client representative for
FAT and sign off of procurement packages at Vendor facilities
Structural Steel Fabrication facilities

Some projects with which I’ve been recently involved.

Quality inspection (together with other professionals) of approx 100,000  tons of fabricated structural steel (Pt 1) 

The last ore car from an order of 1250 units.
All completed without defect or injury.

Xuzhou, People's Republic of China

Quality inspection (together with other professionals) of approx 100,000  tons of fabricated structural steel (Pt 2)

Inspection of training and testing facilities for welding tradespeople at Xi’an, People's Republic of China.

First Gold poured at North Mara Gold Mine in Tansania

On this site I was with the commissioning team.

I also wrote the complete maintenance manual for the processing plant.

ASTA Aircraft Services, Near Melbourne, Australia

Quality inspection for structural repairs to the fuselage of a Boeing 747 Aircraft.

CVRD, Brazil.Advised on improvements to ore processing and handling.
Also of workflows through the maintenance area,

Prom Tractor, Cheboksary, Chuvash Republic, Russia,
Advised on work flows and safe working improvements


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